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A Pilgrimage to Death - Book Blitz and GIVEAWAY!

A Pilgrimage to Death
Alexa Padgett
Publication date: August 14th 2018
Genres: Adult, Mystery, Thriller
They murdered her sister. They threatened her church. But their day of reckoning will cost her everything…
When Cici Gurule finds the dead body of a parishioner in the nearby Santa Fe National Forest, she’s horrified to realize the victim bears the same stab wounds that ended her twin sister’s life one year earlier.
Now, as a freewheeling, progressive reverend who’ll stop at nothing to protect her flock, she’ll need to join forces with her detective friend and loyal pair of Great Pyrenees to hunt down the killer before she’s forced to officiate another funeral.
Soon, however, Cici discovers her sister was on the trail of a deep-rooted criminal operation, and her death was no random act of violence. With the criminals out for Cici’s blood, she needs to catch the wolf by the tail…before it goes in for the kill.
Fans of Gillian Flynn, Paula Hawkins, and Stacy Claflin will love Alexa’s Padgett’s new edge-of-your-seat novel! Scroll up and click to start this fast-paced, high-octane mystery thriller!
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Sam brought his chair down with a soft thump as it hit the patio paver but he didn’t say anything for another long moment.
“Anna Carmen was my best friend. She helped me through a hard time—she helped me see what I couldn’t then.”
Cici’s lip trembled as she lifted her teacup. “I miss her, too. So much. Yesterday . . . it all came bubbling back up.”
Sam’s hand settled on Cici’s shoulder in that gesture of comfort she’d come to depend on.
“I know you do. And, yeah, I figured it would.”
Jaycee sidled up to their table and settled Sam’s large glass of iced tea on the table. Condensation formed on the glass, dripping down to wet the white napkin beneath it.
“I thought of something,” the girl said.
Both Cici and Sam turned their faces up to the teenager.
“Mr. Johnson told me one time he was meeting someone about a case.” Her brow wrinkled for a moment before she shrugged. “Does that help?”
Sam tugged at his short ponytail. “Maybe. Thanks, Jaycee.”
“Sure.” The girl skittered off to greet some new patrons.
“You think you know what the case is, don’t you?” Cici asked, pouring more tea into her cup.

Author Bio:
With a degree in international marketing and a varied career path that includes content management for a web firm, marketing direction for a high-profile sports agency, and a two-year stint with a renowned literary agency, award-winning author Alexa Padgett has returned to her first love: writing fiction.
Alexa spent a good part of her youth traveling. From Budapest to Belize, Calgary to Coober Pedy, she soaked in the myriad smells, sounds, and feels of these gorgeous places, wishing she could live in them all—at least for a while. And she does in her books.
She lives in New Mexico with her husband, children, and Great Pyrenees pup, Ash. When not writing, schlepping, or volunteering, she can be found in her tiny kitchen, channeling her inner Barefoot Contessa.


Stolen Obsession - GIVEAWAY!

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Stolen Obsession
(Annalisse Series #1)
By Marlene M. Bell
Contemporary Romantic Suspense
Paperback & ebook, 294 Pages
June 30th 2018 by Ewephoric Publishing

People die, but legends live on.

New York antiquities appraiser Annalisse Drury recently lost her best friend to murder. The killer’s identity may be linked to her friend’s expensive missing bracelet—a 500-year-old artifact that carries an ancient curse, one that unleashes evil upon any who dare wear the jewelry created for the Persian royal family.

Weeks later, Annalisse sees a matching necklace at a Manhattan gallery opening. She begs the owner to destroy the cursed piece, but her pleas fall on deaf ears—despite the unnatural death that occurs during the opening. With two victims linked to the jewelry, Annalisse is certain she must act.

Desperate, Annalisse enlists the gallery owner’s son to help—even though she’s afraid he’ll break her heart. Wealthy and devastatingly handsome, with a string of bereft women in his wake, Greek playboy Alec Zavos dismisses Annalisse’s concerns—until his parents are ripped from the Zavos family yacht during their ocean voyage near Crete.

Annalisse and Alec race across two oceans to save his mother, feared dead or kidnapped. When the killer changes tactics and goes after Alec behind Annalisse’s back, can her plan to rescue Alec’s mother save them all?

Hold on for a heart-thumping, thrilling adventure through exotic lands in this fast-moving romantic suspense mystery by Marlene M. Bell.

Praise for the Book

"Debut author Bell delivers a great, slow-building romance, gently examining her characters' painful pasts." — Kirkus Reviews

"An irresistible page turner and a successful melding of thriller and romance. With a splash of international adventure and plenty of surprises, Stolen Obsession is an entertaining read and a great beginning to the Annalisse Series." — Self-Publishing Review, ★★★★½

About the Author

Marlene M. Bell is an acclaimed artist and photographer as well as a writer. Her sheep landscapes grace the covers of publications such as, Sheep!, The Shepherd, Ranch & Rural Living and Sheep Industry News. Ewephoric, her mail order venture, began in 1985 out of a desire for realistic sheep stationery. A color catalog of non-fiction books and sheep-related gifts may be requested at or Marlene and her husband, Gregg reside on a wooded ranch in East Texas with their 50 head of Horned Dorset sheep, a lovable Maremma guard dog named, Tia, and 3 spoiled cats who rule the household.

- 1 Grand Prize winner will receive: One signed copy of STOLEN OBSESSION, One lined Journal with handcrafted pen, One set of Wool Dryer Balls, a Pair of Stolen Obsession style earrings and a $50 gift card from Amazon
4 winners will each receive: One signed copy of Stolen Obsession, One sheep bookmark, One lined journal and a pair of Stolen Obsession-style earrings-Gold-various styles
- US only
- Ends July 25th


WAVES SPANKED THE thirty-nine-foot hull of the Gen Amore, rocking the Zavos vessel anchored in the Sea of Crete. The afternoon sun blazed overhead as Annalisse inhaled salty brine and studied the picture-perfect yacht Generosa had described dozens of times. Small enough for them to sail without a crew and large enough for she and Pearce to be intimately comfortable. The teak marine deck gleamed between twin masts, and navy-trimmed sails crackled from above. Wooden chairs were placed alongside lounges covered in striped cushions and square azure pillows. A fashion statement by the same designer who had decorated the yacht to match the island villa.
Sitting next to Generosa, Annalisse watched the rainbow windsock twist and swirl its streamers above their heads. She hadn’t counted on such a cool breeze and shivered in her one-piece swimsuit that exposed too much skin. She set her Mimosa on the side table and wiped her freezing fingers along the chair slats, dissipating some of the moisture.
On a diagonal from them, the men chatted, with Alec gesturing with his arms as he spoke about mundane things. It wasn’t a stretch to figure out how Generosa had fallen for a man like Pearce Zavos, currently barefoot in Bermuda shorts, richly tanned from face to toes. If Annalisse were several years older, a single man with Pearce’s attributes would’ve been irresistible to her, too. Pearce was the mature version of Alec with the same muscular physique, light eyes, and wavy hair graying at the temples. Where both of Alec’s cheeks were dimpled, Pearce had a single dent near the corner of his mouth and a super-cool cleft chin. Annalisse was a sucker for cleft chins. Aphrodisiac city.
Without a doubt, Pearce knew the answer to how he’d ended up with a relic from the 1500s, and why two identical necklaces existed. Brushing off the notion a viable evilness had chased them to Greece, Annalisse planned to get Pearce alone and ask a few generic questions any antiquities appraiser would ask the buyer of an important artifact.
“We’re a long way out. Shouldn’t I know how to use the ship’s radio?” Annalisse asked.
“Gen knows, but I’ll show you, if you want.” Pearce smiled. “Finish your drink. Plenty of time for the radio and flags later.”
“Mr. Zavos, how did you and Gen settle on Sitia when the entire island is so lovely?”
“Call me Pearce, please.” He paused a few beats before answering. “I met Gen in Italy at the wedding of a mutual friend. Since her family fished the Adriatic, Gen wanted a home on the ocean. She’s an excellent swimmer, you know— loves the water.” He winked at his wife. “My family vacationed in Sitia when I was a kid, and I promised myself one day I’d buy a home that faced this sea. It wasn’t hard to convince Gen.”
“After Dad retired as a stock car driver. We lived in North Carolina back then.”
Pearce rolled his head back and watched the sail’s flap cutting the air. “Life was good at the races, but I had to think about Alec. I had a close call on the track and we decided it was time for me to get out.”
Alec shifted in his seat and looked at his mom. “Will Luciana be gone long?”

“She’s due back tonight.”
“The time to ourselves gave us a good excuse to run an errand in Heraklion City,” Pearce said.
“Luciana?” Annalisse slid her sunglasses on top of her head.
“Sorry, dear. Luci’s our villa maid. The daughter of a longtime friend. She’s like the daughter we never had. We wanted lots of playmates for Alec. But it wasn’t to be.” Generosa gave a wistful sigh and looked at Pearce. “God has a habit of testing us.”
Her heart wrenched at the truth in Generosa’s words. She understood the pain in Generosa’s voice for the big family she was meant for but couldn’t have. Nothing on earth was worse than losing a child, her aunt had reminded Annalisse years ago.
Generosa was made for mothering, but Annalisse wasn’t hard-wired for kids. Small babies were too dependent, and their shrill cries made her nervous. Short of a miracle, Annalisse doubted having children was in her future, but she admired those who had the patience for kids.
“What’s wrong?” Alec looked at his father who’d jumped up, staring at a section of water.
“Hand me the binoculars. Hurry.” Pearce pointed to the table next to Alec.
Annalisse looked over her shoulder at a tiny black dot speeding toward them. A faint hum broke through the call of gulls overhead.
Pearce spent seconds with the binoculars, for Annalisse the wait was excruciating. She got up to check the ocean for herself.
“Ladies, get below. And take the keys to the yacht with you. Hide them someplace where no one will find them and hide yourselves,” Pearce said.
“Why?” Generosa asked.
“We may be getting unwanted guests.”
“You can forget it. I’m staying here.” Generosa planted hands on her hips.
“Me, too,” Annalisse added.
In less than a minute, a dark boat filled with tanned men closed on the Gen Amore. A red flag with a dark symbol fluttered ominously on the bow of their low-profile craft.
“Damn it, Gen. Go hide that key,” he hissed through closed teeth. “If you won’t stay down there, then come back, but hurry.” Pearce, as if he’d changed his mind, handed the binoculars to Alec. “I’m going below with your mother. Watch, but do not engage. Wait for me.”
As the men steered closer, Annalisse noticed all were shaved bald and without facial hair, except for one person. A blue and white keffiyeh covered his head and most of the face from the bridge of his nose down. Her hands twitched, evoking their masked gunman, whose eyes were the only thing visible beneath the mask.
When Generosa and Pearce returned topside, Annalisse whispered, “Where’d you hide it?”
“In a small vase. They’ll never find it.”
Annalisse slid closer to Alec. “Any guesses who they are?”
“Not sure. Turkish, maybe.”
“Are we accepting more refugees?” Generosa stepped toward Pearce.
“The men have rifles, dammit,” Pearce said.
Annalisse’s stomach roiled with a vengeance. Against multiple weapons they were all screwed, unable to keep the strangers at bay for long—unless Alec’s dad was one heck of a shot.
“Your Glock’s on the island?” she asked in Alec’s ear, even though she already knew his answer by the way he held his mouth. “Why don’t we pull anchor and run?” Annalisse squinted for details of the men.
“Ladies, listen. They’re closing fast. We can’t outrun them. No matter what, don’t lead them to the key. On the black market, this yacht’s worth plenty. Say nothing. Do nothing,” Pearce said.
“Damned pirates.” Alec spat a quiet curse at the deck.

Annalisse and Generosa chimed together, “Pirates?”

“They could be refugees,” Pearce said.
The powerboat, with four men aboard, neared the Gen Amore’s stern. Annalisse tasted her French toast, which was dangerously close to making a deck appearance. Refugees with multiple weapons seemed unlikely. When people left their country, most had only their children and the clothing on their backs.
Pearce slid a small pistol inside his belt at the back of his Bermuda shorts and extra ammo in a pocket.
Alec hadn’t reminded her about the extra risks of sailing in the area. She’d forgotten the thousands fleeing the region.
A world map flashed in her mind. Lebanon, Syria, Egypt and Turkey bordered the eastern Mediterranean Sea. Émigrés fleeing the bombs and wars of their homeland would have sharper and darker physical characteristics. The men in the boat had a different bone structure, more smooth and rounded in their features.
As the boat sloshed water to the starboard side of the yacht, a man with two missing fingers hailed them.
“Do any of you speak English?” Pearce asked, three decibels louder than usual.
They laughed. “We speak English good.”
“What do you want?”
The thinnest of the group, with arms and legs marked by ink, brandished a sinister AK47 with a pistol grip at them.
Annalisse straightened and calmed herself, curious about the men’s tattoos. She noted their red shoulders from hours on the water and worsened by the ocean’s glare. They weren’t muscular men, rather a rag-tag group of stringy characters with lifeless eyes and broken teeth.
“We need gas. Pay in gold.”
“There’s no need for that.” Pearce pointed to the man’s rifle. “I’ll give you what you need.” Then he added under his breath, “I have plenty of lead.”
Annalisse’s heart stopped when Alec jerked her behind him and whispered, “Shh.”
“Take the gas and leave,” Pearce said.

“We come on boat. Get gas and food.”

Pearce’s tension terrified Annalisse.

“Put rope down so we board. Now!”
During the back and forth, the two most sunburnt jumped into the water and clung to hooks jutting from their boat, only feet away from the Gen Amore’s hull.
“We don’t want trouble. Stay in your boat. I’ll give you the supplies.” Pearce hugged the brass rail, his voice calm even as he tried to convince the men to stay with their boat.
A hard object jarred her lower spine, and Annalisse saw a shadow cross the deck.
“Alec!” she yelled.
The butt of a rifle struck Alec at the base of his skull.
A metallic clack echoed over the water.
He collapsed in front of her in a heap.

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Deal Takers - Book Blitz and GIVEAWAY!

Deal Takers
Laura Lee
Publication date: July 17th 2018
Genres: Comedy, New Adult, Romance

Now, I’m going to let you in on a little secret: I don’t regret that moment of idiocy one bit. It may have been one of the most embarrassing moments of my life, but you know what they say about first impressions, right? Well, I can guarantee that I made quite the impression that evening. (Don’t worry; I’ll tell you all the gory details later.)
*Deal Takers is the second installment in the Dealing with Love world but can be read as a standalone.

Author Bio:
Laura's passion has always been storytelling. She spent most of her life with her nose in a book thinking of alternate endings or continuations to the story. She won her first writing contest at the ripe old age of nine, earning a trip to the state capital to showcase her manuscript. Thankfully for her, those early works will never see the light of day again!
Laura lives in the Pacific Northwest with her wonderful husband, two beautiful children, and three of the most poorly behaved cats in existence. She likes her fruit smoothies filled with rum, her cupboards stocked with Cadbury's chocolate, and her music turned up loud. When she's not writing or watching HGTV, she's reading anything she can get her hands on. She's a sucker for spicy romances, especially those involving vampires, bad boys, or cowboys!


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The Boyfriend Whisperer - Book Blitz and GIVEAWAY!

The Boyfriend Whisperer
Linda Budzinski
Published by: Swoon Romance
Publication date: November 15th 2016
Genres: Contemporary, Romance, Young Adult
As President and CEO of Boyfriend Whisperer Enterprises, Lexi Malloy is Grand View High School’s undercover Cupid. One problem: She’s stuck in the friend zone when it comes to her own crush, Chris Broder. She and Chris have been best friends since the third grade, and he doesn’t even seem to realize she’s is a member of the opposite sex.
When pretty and popular cheerleader Lindsay LaRouche hires Lexi to whisper Chris, she has to decide whether to place her commitment to her company—and Chris’s happiness—before herself.
I crank up Mumford & Sons on my iPod and pull up the Boyfriend Whisperer Enterprises files on my tablet. With Valentine’s ten days away, I need to plot out some big moves for my clients.
I start with Jolene. I watched Brendon staring at her this afternoon during the pep rally. He’s falling hard. No need to play it subtle. He likes spicy food, so Red Hots are an obvious choice, in a heart-shaped tin. What should the card say? Something super flirty. “Let’s heat it up on Valentine’s.” No … “spice it up.” I jot that down and move on to my next client.
Just as I’m picking out a sweet YouTube link I want her to send her BF-to-be, Coach Reilly pulls my earbud out and scares me half to death.
“Malloy! I’m talking to you. What are you working on?”
I slam my tablet shut. “What? Homework. Sorry. What do you need?”
She shoves my backpack to the floor and plops down beside me. “Let’s talk about tomorrow. We’re expecting scouts from all over. Rumor has it someone from U Conn might even turn up.”
She pauses as if to gauge my reaction, so I force a smile. “U Conn? Wow. That’s great.”
She leans in. “There’ll be a lot of buzz in that arena. Parents, coaches, other players. They’ll all be talking about the scouts and about you and your future. Here’s the thing: You need to ignore them.”
“Ignore them.”
“Exactly. You have one job tomorrow, and that’s to play the best game Alexis Malloy knows how to play. Run, pass, shoot, rebound. That’s it. The rest is static. Ignore the static.”
“Got it. Static.”
Coach furrows her brow. “You nervous?”
“Maybe a little.”
She pats my arm as she stands. “A little nervousness is good. You’ve got this, Malloy. You can do it.”
I smile and slump back into my seat. The fact is, I’m not at all nervous. I only said that so she wouldn’t launch into a lecture about being too cocky. She’s forever vacillating between warning me not to be too nervous and not to be too cocky, when in reality, I’m neither. The truth is, when it comes to college scouts, I just wish they’d leave me alone.

Author Bio:
My young adult novels, EM & EM (2015) and THE FUNERAL SINGER (2013), were both published by Swoon Romance YA. My upcoming novel, THE BOYFRIEND WHISPERER, scheduled for publication in fall of 2016 by Swoon, received the Romance Writers of America Young Adult Chapter’s 2015 Rosemary Award and the Virginia Chapter’s 2015 Fool for Love Award.
I live in Northern Virginia with my husband, Joe, and our feisty chihuahua, Demitria (also known as Dee Dee, The Puppy, and Killer). I’m a sucker for romance and reality TV and have been known to turn off my phone’s ringer when watching “The Bachelor.”
My favorite flower is the daisy, my favorite food is chocolate, and my favorite song is “Amazing Grace.”
When I’m not writing, I work in nonprofit management. I’m represented by the amazing Andrea Somberg of Harvey Klinger Inc.


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The Reluctant Billionaire Bride - Release Blitz

The Reluctant Billionaire Bride Tour Graphic
USA Today Bestselling Author Roz Lee
The Reluctant Billionaire Bride
Series: Billionaire Brides Book 3
Genre: Contemporary Romance, Romantic Comedy
Publisher: State of Mind
Publication Date: June 15, 2018
There are some things money can’t buy—like happiness and happily-ever-afters.
There are certain moments in her life Julie Davis will never forget – like the moment she realized the numbers on her winning ticket would change her life forever. And the moment she thought she’d never live to spend a penny of her winnings. Then there was the moment she kissed Colin Parker and knew there were things in life money couldn’t buy—like happiness and happily-ever-afters.
Growing up in tiny Butte Plains, Texas, Colin Parker longed for the bright lights of Nashville to shine on him. Unwilling to let anyone derail his up-and-coming career, Colin is determined to forget Julie Davis and the promise of the one kiss they shared, but forgetting isn’t an option. When his career skyrockets he finds himself longing for home and the woman he let get away. There’s just one problem—Julie Davis doesn’t want any part of him or his celebrity lifestyle.

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It took a second for Julie to unlock her muscles. Everyone with ears knew Colin Parker. He’d been an up-and-coming country artist a year ago, but he’d recently had several songs hit the top of the charts and stay there. He’d become a household name, and one of the most eligible bachelors in Nashville. “Colin is staying at your house?”
“Apparently so. That’s what Roseanne was calling to tell me. I think I’m supposed to keep it on the down-low, so don’t mention it to anyone, okay?”
“My lips are sealed.” Bad choice of words, she thought as memories of how her lips had parted for Colin’s kiss. They’d just closed down a local music venue and been on their way to their respective cars, which turned out to be the only two left in the parking lot, and occupying adjacent lined spaces. The conversation they’d started hours ago inside continued as they sat on the hood of Colin’s rental then, as the lights illuminating the parking lot winked out, revealing a sky growing lighter by the minute, he’d cupped her chin, turning her to face him.
He’d given her plenty of time to say no, but, looking into his blue eyes and seeing the man she’d come to know so well, she’d done the opposite of what she’d meant to do. She’d leaned in, offering up her lips for what had become in her mind as The Kiss.

Other Books by Roz Lee

Love is in the air for some of the most unlikely billionaires on the planet in tiny, Butte Plains, Texas. The town’s favorite son, a Yankee transplant, and a very lucky lady find more than they’re looking for in the Billionaire Brides series by USA Today best-selling author, Roz Lee.
On Sale for $0.99 only! Offer ends July 31. Get your copy today.

The Backdoor Billionaire's Bride

The Yankee Billionaire's Bride

About Roz Lee

Roz Lee
USA Today Bestselling Author, Roz Lee is a displaced Texan who lives in New Jersey with her husband of almost four decades, and Bud, an overly large rescue dog who demands regular romps in the woods no matter how busy his parents are.
The mom of two daughters and grandma to the cutest baby boy ever, Roz collects Depression glass and tea cups with rose patterns. Her favorite food is Tex-Mex, and she’s never met a piece of chocolate she didn’t like.
When Roz isn’t writing, she’s reading, or traipsing around the country on one adventure or another. Warning—she brakes for antique stores!
Official website:

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The High Court - Cover Reveal and GIVEAWAY!

Hello Readers! Welcome to the Cover Reveal for
The High Court by Chris Ledbetter
presented by Month9Books!
Celebrate this reveal by entering the giveaway found at the end of the post!
High atop Mount Olympus, dawn breaks on a new academic term. Normalcy has returned to campus following a harrowing expedition into The Underworld to rescue kidnapped students by Zeus and his fellow Olympians. Now, as they prepare to testify in The High Court, Hyperion will be tried for the attack on Crete and death of Anytos. Kronos will stand trial for the murder of Mount Olympus Prep’s Headmaster Ouranos. As the trials draw near, Mount Olympus Prep students and faculty are besieged repeatedly by a race of gargantuan stone and earth giants. Under heavy assault, the Olympians are forced to flee to the volcanic island of Limnos to regroup. Meanwhile, a toxic poison Zeus has carried with him since a prior fight with a dragoness, creeps toward his brain. In a race against time and beasts, Zeus and his friends must find a way to survive not only the toxin ravaging Zeus’ body, but also the giants who grow stronger after every attack, and somehow make it to the The High Court alive.
The High Court (The Sky Throne #2) by Chris Ledbetter Release Date: August 7, 2018 Publisher: Month9Books
Available for Pre-order:
Chris Ledbetter grew up in Durham, NC before moving to Charlottesville, VA in 11th grade. After high school, he attended Hampton University where he promptly “walked-on” to the best drum line in the conference without any prior percussion experience. He carried the bass drum for four years, something his back is not very happy about now.
After a change of heart and major, he enrolled in Old Dominion University and earned his degree in Business Administration. He’s worked in various managerial and marketing capacities throughout his life. He taught high school for six years in Culpeper, VA, and also coached football.
He has walked the streets of Los Angeles and New York City, waded in the waters of the Atlantic and Pacific oceans, and climbed Diamond Head crater on Hawaii and rang in the New Year in Tokyo, Japan. But he dreams of one day visiting Greece and Italy.
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Flip the Beat - Book Blitz and GIVEAWAY!!

Flip the Beat Tour Graphic
Roxanne D. Howard
Flip the Beat
Genre: Contemporary Romance, New Adult, Romantic Comedy
Publisher: Boroughs Publishing Group
Publication Date: July 10, 2018
Molly Ivers thinks she is falling for the opposite of Prince Charming, and she knows she should give him up, but, oh, the temptation.
Molly Ivers thought she found Prince Charming, complete with a devilishly sexy accent, and six months ago she gave into their undeniable attraction. But the swarm of ever-present groupies was so not part of the fairy tale. As much as it hurt her heart, she shut out rocker Evan Castle.
Now, on the verge of finishing her graduate degree and moving to Paris—she even hires a French life coach—Molly begins to realize Evan, who hasn't given up on her, might be the man of her dreams after all.

Flip the Beat Teaser 2

About Roxanne D. Howard

Roxanne D. Howard
Roxanne D. Howard writes sizzling erotic romance with Boroughs Publishing Group and The Wild Rose Press. She is a U.S. Army veteran, and a Columbia College alumni. She loves to read poetry, classical literature, and Stephen King. Also, she is an avid Star Wars fan, musical theater nut, and marine biology geek. Roxanne resides in the western U.S., and when she's not writing, she enjoys spending quality time with her husband, children, and furry companions. Roxanne loves to hear from her readers, and encourages you to contact her via her website and social media.
Social Media Links: Twitter | Facebook | Instagram | Goodreads


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Contest runs until July 31, 2018.

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