Wednesday, March 16, 2016

How to Handle a Scandal ~ Emily Greenwood

How to Handle a Scandal
Emily Greenwood
Paperback ($7.99) & eBook ($6.15, Kindle)
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Tommy Halifax was in love with the scandalously wild young lady Lizzie Tarryton. Head over heels in love, in fact, and completely certain that she would accept, nay, welcome his proposal. When she stared at him, kneeling in front of her in a packed ballroom, she felt as if the parson's noose was slipping over her neck... and in that moment as she panicked, she did the worst thing possible. She laughed. Tommy spun around without  word, left the ball, and three days later, he was off to India.

Six long years pass. Tommy has completely changed into a different person. Lizzie has morphed into Eliza, more responsible, a well off widow, full of caring for lost souls, eager to help the neglected girls in the halfway house she founded with her closest friend. But she is still impulsive and finds herself in a most awkward situation with none other than dashing Tommy Halifax. Soon, at the risk of a most damaging scandal, the two are plunged into a marriage of convenience.

I really enjoyed this book, both for the unusual twists inside as well as the wonderfully imperfect characters. They are believable and understandable. This is such a fun read, perfect for a lazy weekend afternoon!

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