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Coming Home to You (A True North Hero #3)
Coming Home to You
(A True North Hero #3)
By M. K. Stelmack
Contemporary Romance
Paperback, 384 pages
October 2, 2018 by Harlequin Heartwarming

She wants a temporary fake romance

Can he make it real...and forever?

Driving across the country in an RV with her terminally ill godmother was not Daphne Merlotte's idea. Nor was crashing the RV into a small-town coffee shop, nearly hitting local good guy Mel Greene. Now Daphne will do anything to keep her godmother from continuing the trip--even asking Mel to be her fake boyfriend. But there's nothing fake about Mel's intentions--he wants a real romance!


(Mel is not bothered to learn that his ex-girlfriend, Linda, is now dating Tom,
but Daphne’s assumption that he would care forces him into a surprising and uneasy revelation.)

She went on tiptoe and kissed him. It was a light tap of thanks, but it was still more intimate than they’d been since their first kiss. She must be really worried about him.

“I’ll be going now...” Tom trailed off.

“I’ll take these inside and freshen up.” Daphne giggled. Fake but cute. “Big night tonight.” Mel doubted she felt that way about their seventh trip to The Big Scoop.

Her disappearance into the motor home worked as Tom’s cue to mosey off himself. About time. Daphne must’ve been watching Tom through the windshield because no sooner had he cleared the property than she popped out.

“Sorry about Tom dropping his news about Linda and him.” She winced. “It must’ve hurt. I was going to warn you tonight.”

“I’m okay.”

“Are you sure? I know it’s one thing to break up with someone, but then when they start seeing someone else, it can hurt all over again.”

He now understood where she was coming from. “You speaking from personal experience?”

“Yes. Two mortifying breakups that I don’t want to discuss.” She banded her arms tight around her waist and curled her shoulders. Mel longed to unlace those arms, pull her tight against him and remind her that somebody, right here and now, cared. The problem was, she interpreted his every gesture as him “settling” or “faking,” and with Fran inside, she’d put it down to him playing the role of boyfriend.

“Is that why you kissed me in full view of Tom? So I’d look good in front of him?”

From her expression, he’d guessed right.

“It’s not that I consider myself a replacement, you understand,” she said. “I couldn’t compete with Linda. But, at times, it’s nice to have...anybody.”

He nudged her chin up until her clear blue eyes met his. “You’re not anybody,” he said. “You’re somebody. My somebody.”

That was it, he realized. The absolute certainty that Daphne was meant for him, and no one else. She was no longer just a resource to help him figure out his future relationships. Nor was she merely a temporary friend until next week or whenever she and Fran left. He wanted her now and forever. Daphne curled her sweet mouth into a weak smile. “Thank you for thinking so.”

Of course. As he’d feared, she assumed he was settling. How to convince her that his feelings were real? That they were together for real? He could kiss and hug her, give her flowers, watch romantic sunsets, have her join family events, do everything normal in a growing relationship, and she wouldn’t believe any of it because she didn’t believe in him or herself.

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About the Author

M. K. Stelmack writes contemporary romances set in Spirit Lake which is closely based on the small town in Alberta, Canada, where she lives with pets who outnumber the humans three to one, and where dust bunnies run unchecked. She aims to tell stories that don’t shy away from the tough questions but still leave readers feeling uplifted. She is the author of two previous Harlequin Heartwarming titles, A Roof Over Their Heads and Building a Family. She loves hearing from readers. Find her at her website or on Facebook

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  1. Thanks for hosting my book! I think your excerpt is my really captures who Mel and Daphne are together. Best!

    1. Thanks for dropping by, M.K.! Excited to feature your book today! <3

    2. I love the cover models..they look like people I would encounter in the grocery story and are very much relatable. The excerpt sounds interesting, particularly the RV crash into the coffee shop! Thanks so much for this introduction!

  2. I enjoyed the excerpt. Thank you for the giveaway!

  3. I love the cover. It says "wholesome romance inside". Thanks for the giveaway!

  4. The excerpt makes me want to read the book!

  5. Looks like an interesting book.
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