Wednesday, June 8, 2016

You Can't Always Get the Marquess You Want

You Can't Always Get the Marquess You Want
Alexandra Hawkins
St Martin's Paperbacks
$7.99 eBook/PB

Chance is charming, rogueish, and oh-so-handsome. Tempest is beautiful, convention-defying, and completely out of Chance's reach. A long-ago family feud stands in the way of these two would-be lovers. Will they be stubborn and creative enough to work around the desires of their families and carve out a life together? 

This book, while part of a series, is definitely enjoyable as a stand-alone and is touching, sweet, and darkly funny.

The Blacksmith's Wife

The Blacksmith's Wife
Elisabeth Hobbes
Harlequin Historical
$5.20 PB, $4.99 eBook

Joanna has life planned out perfectly... she will marry the dashing young knight, Sir Roger Danby. His skill on horseback.. the talk of Yorkshire! As the mere niece of a merchant blacksmith, she can barely believe her good luck at catching the eye of a nobleman, and such a dashing one! 

Hal (Henry) Danby is the brother of Roger, a blacksmith with a lifelong dream of entering the Smith's Guild. After both Hal and Joanna experience bitter rejection from the Guild and from Roger, and suddenly Joanna's Uncle Simon proposes, no, insists that the two wed. He all but offered membership in the Guild to Hal as a bribe, and threatens Joanna with marriage to a much older man. The two are thrown together... can they make this forced marriage into something wonderful? Can Joanna ever forget her love for Roger? This is a great beach read for the summer!

The Forbidden Duke

The Forbidden Duke
Darcy Burke
$2.99 eBook/ $6.99 PB

It's rare for me to find a Regency romance that I enjoyed as much as this one. Don't let the cover fool you... it's not all froth and steam. I loved this tale of a fallen spinster and the rogue who was friends with the rake who stole a kiss 10 years ago from her! Yes, a kiss was enough to ruin a young lady for life, and now she must find a way to pull herself up from her past. Please enjoy an excerpt from the title HERE. All in all, this is a sweet tale of redemption and love, without a great deal of drama or angst.

Wedding Night with the Earl

Wedding Night with the Earl
Amelia Grey
St Martin's Press
$7.99 eBook/PB

This book is, in a word, scrumptious! Part of the series 'The Heirs Club of Scoundrels' (but perfect as a standalone!) , this enchanting story introduces us to Adam Greyhawke, a carousing, gambling cad and Katherine Wright, a sweet, willful, very wealthy young lady. I beg the forgiveness of you, my readers, but to use a very overused expression, mayhem ensues! 

Adam has lost his wife and child in childbirth, he has an orphan unceremoniously dumped in his lap as his new heir, his two best friends have lovely wives who happen to be increasing, and society dictates, of course, that a single man in possession of any sort of money must be in want of a wife! He visits London to attend to the matter of this scrawny scamp of an heir he suddenly possesses, and in the course of attending a dinner party meets Katherine, the heroine of our story. He pesters her to dance, being enchanted by her words and her face, but is turned down flat. Joke's on him, as she walks away, she reveals the cane she had carefully concealed in the folds of her gown.

This story is both very touching (the orphaned Dixon and the handicapped Katherine provide a 1-2 punch to the gut), sexy (great wordplay between Adam and Katherine), and even has a bit of a Beauty and the Beast thrill to it. Nothing too unexpected occurs, it's simply a delightful love story. 

The Reluctant Bridegroom

The Reluctant Bridegroom
Shannon Farrington
Love Inspired Historical
$4.79 PB/ $4.99 eBook

Another fine Love Inspired installment set in 1860s America, 'The Reluctant Bridegroom' delves into an unconventional arranged marriage and the upheaval around the assassination of President Lincoln. Rebekah Van der Geld's father, a powerful politician in Maryland, has arranged for a most lucrative match with Henry Nash, councilman and son of another powerful politician. When we say "arranged", it's really almost blackmail, as if Henry wants his career to advance, he must marry Rebekah. Of course, nothing is ever simple... add Henry's two orphaned nieces, John Wilkes Booth, scarlet fever, and Rebekah's overbearing father into the mix, and the tale leaves you wondering if the two can ever truly form a loving marriage. Of course, as it is a Love Inspired book, you know the two will end up happily ever after, but the antics and intrigue swirling around Rebekah and Henry do provide a great quick read, perfect for a rainy day on the couch or a sunny beach adventure. 

Wednesday, June 1, 2016



Ok, how adorable and fun is this product?? I don't claim to have a green thumb, exactly, but I usually can keep plants alive for a while anyways! However, one of my biggest complaints with my current home is the only natural light in my kitchen comes from my patio doors, and there's no way to keep plants alive in my kitchen. Well, not anymore! I'm so excited to share this new product with you! 

Livi is an extremely versatile planter that will adhere to virtually any surface! Also great, it's 100% recyclable, re-bonds repeatedly, and leaves no residue. You can place a plant in a small pot or plant directly in it. Definitely check it out on Kickstarter, and consider funding this awesome product. I know for sure it will be well-loved in my kitchen!

From the creators:
Livi is a portable planter that can transform windows to vertical gardens. This planter can stick on virtually any vertical surface thanks to its specialized “palms”. They are made of an innovative nanotechnology material that can bond with smooth surfaces repeatedly, including windows, with just a gentle push. It's a simple idea, but provides an attractive way to grow plants inside, on windows, stick to the side of your fridge, or pretty much anywhere there's a flat surface.

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

I Kissed a Rogue ~ Shana Galen

I Kissed a Rogue
Shana Galen
Paperback and eBook $7.99
Available HERE!

She broke his heart... now he must free her from her captors!
Lila was grabbed from her carriage, thrown into a dark and damp cellar, and witnessed a murder. Now, the clock is running down for her to be rescued. Brook has been summoned by Lila's father to find her and save her... but can he push away the pain of the past long enough to rescue her from the shadowy figures who wish her harm?

This is a delightful Regency romance with an unexpected twist that left me quite surprised. I highly recommend it! 

How to Handle a Scandal ~ Emily Greenwood

How to Handle a Scandal
Emily Greenwood
Paperback ($7.99) & eBook ($6.15, Kindle)
Order HERE!

Tommy Halifax was in love with the scandalously wild young lady Lizzie Tarryton. Head over heels in love, in fact, and completely certain that she would accept, nay, welcome his proposal. When she stared at him, kneeling in front of her in a packed ballroom, she felt as if the parson's noose was slipping over her neck... and in that moment as she panicked, she did the worst thing possible. She laughed. Tommy spun around without  word, left the ball, and three days later, he was off to India.

Six long years pass. Tommy has completely changed into a different person. Lizzie has morphed into Eliza, more responsible, a well off widow, full of caring for lost souls, eager to help the neglected girls in the halfway house she founded with her closest friend. But she is still impulsive and finds herself in a most awkward situation with none other than dashing Tommy Halifax. Soon, at the risk of a most damaging scandal, the two are plunged into a marriage of convenience.

I really enjoyed this book, both for the unusual twists inside as well as the wonderfully imperfect characters. They are believable and understandable. This is such a fun read, perfect for a lazy weekend afternoon!

Sunday, March 6, 2016

The Danger in Daring a Lady ~ Emma Locke

The Danger in Daring a Lady
Emma Locke
eBook, $3.99
Releases March 10, 2016
Preorder HERE

Caitlin Hart... a sensible young lady with a small farm, inherited after the tragic death of her sister. Lord Darius Alexander... a gambler, a rogue, a man on his last chance to redeem himself with his family. These two fiery souls cross paths in Emma Locke's sparkling new title, 'The Danger in Daring a Lady'. Can they stand each other's company for any length of time, let alone find a lasting love together?

A fateful card game leaves Dare's life and livelihood solidly in Cate's hands. She holds his freedom, in the form of a bank draft signed by Dare's brother, and will not relinquish it until he pays for it with his labor. A lecherous neighbor with eyes on Cate's small holdings, a wealthy woman holding a scandalous contract with Dare, and his unusual family all stand to hinder these two from finding a peaceful life together. 

This book, while it is number six in a series of courtesans and country hoydens who find love, is a truly delightful tale that can definitely stand alone. 

Saturday, March 5, 2016

Pony Express Courtship ~ Quick take and read an excerpt!

Pony Express Courtship
Rhonda Gibson
Paperback and eBook 
Releasing 3/8/16
Order HERE

Sweet and charming tale of a blossoming love, set along the trail during the early days of the Pony Express. A caring widow with a houseful of adopted children. A lonely cowboy, searching for his lost mail-order bride, taking on a new role as station manager. Can they overcome all the obstacles and find a new life together? This title is a great quick read with a heartwarming conclusion.

Read an excerpt:

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

To Lure a Proper Lady ~ Ashlyn Macnamara

To Lure a Proper Lady
Ashlyn Macnamara 
eBook, $3.99
Releasing 3/29/16
Preorder HERE

Looking for that perfect toasty warm read for a cold, snowy day? Check out this enchanting new tale from bestselling author Ashlyn Macnamara! 

Lady Elizabeth Wilde (apropos last name) and her sisters have cared for their chronically ailing father for years. When I say chronically ailing, I mean hypochondriac, anxious, malingering. He's been dying to be dying for years! Now, suddenly, it seems he may indeed be very ill. He summons his precious daughters and announces both his desire to see the ladies settled and his solution to their never-ending single state... a house party full of all the most eligible bachelors around! 

Of course, Lady Elizabeth is astounded by this news and suspects that something nefarious has occurred to push her father closer to death's doorstep. She engages a rakish Bow Street Runner by the name of Dysart to investigate. Here, too, not all is as it appears...

This is a wild romp of a book, by turns comedic, romantic and suspenseful. I thoroughly enjoyed it, and I'm sure you will as well.