Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Nice to Come Home To - Book Tour, Guest Post and GIVEAWAY!

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Nice to Come Home To
By Liz Flaherty
Contemporary Romance
Paperback & ebook, 384 Pages
August 1st 2018 by Harlequin Heartwarming

Will an 🍎 a day…

Keep love at bay?

For Cass Gentry, coming home to Lake Miniagua, teenage half sister in tow, is bittersweet. But her half of the orchard she inherited awaits, and so does a fresh face—Luke Rossiter, her new business partner. Even though they butt heads in business, they share one key piece of common ground: refusing to ever fall in love again. But as their lives get bigger, that stance doesn’t feel like enough…

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About the Author

Liz Flaherty was a little nervous about retiring from her day job, but making quilts, more family time, traveling at the mere mention of “why don’t we go...” and becoming a Harlequin Heartwarming author have made the past years more fun and exciting than she could ever have imagined.

Guest Post from Liz:
The Idea Trail

I’m not much for having ideas. I mean, I like the idea if having them, but I think when the
Lord was wiring my brain, He gave me frizzy hair instead of ideas—that’s all I can
figure. Naturally enough, one of the most frequent questions a writer is asked is, “Where
do you come up with your ideas?”
Er…what ideas would those be? 
But with Nice to Come Home To, released this month from Harlequin
Heartwarming (squealing and jumping up and down here—aren’t you glad you can’t see
the frizzy hair?), I can pinpoint the idea trail. Want to come along?
🍎 My grandson, Shea, worked at McClure’s Orchard, about ten miles from where
we live. I picked him up at work. What a cool place it is, with the acres of trees
and the cafΓ© and apple dumplings and the pumpkin patch and…
 πŸWe were driving home one day—I forget whether it was on Interstate 65 or State
Road 31—and there on a farm was a round barn replica. Make no mistake, we
have the real thing around here, and I love them, but this was a replica. Red.
Smaller than the original. What if…
🍎 There’s a guy from church named Bryce. He’s a lawyer, a good guy. He helps
run Doud’s, the family orchard about five miles the opposite way of McClure’s
from where we live. What a cool place it is, with jams and jellies and pears and
peaches and…have you ever had an apple cider slushie? Heaven!
🍏 My husband sits on a stool when he plays in public places. I love his hands…his
fingers on the strings…the emotion that fills his music and my heart. I can see
him in a coffee shop. Oh, a coffee shop…in the round barn…at the
orchard…what if…
🍎 Okay, I have the orchard. What should I name it? Cheryl Reavis suggests Keep
Cold, from the Robert Frost poem “Good-bye and Keep Cold.” The suggestion
makes me warm and delighted, and makes the orchard home.

🍏 Home. I use Cole Porter song titles in this series. In the annual Cole Porter
festival, someone always sing “You’d Be So Nice to Come Home To.” I named
the work-in-progress So Nice to Come Home To. Most of it stuck.
🍎 I already had Cass and Luke, the protagonists—people always come to me
first—and now I had their setting. Luke’s fingers on guitar strings. Cass and a
coffee shop and the round barn. What if…
There you have it, the birth of Nice to Come Home To. Who needs ideas?
Thanks for having me, and thanks to everyone for stopping by.

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  1. Love that process! The "what if" is how I develop stories too, after the characters have already started talking inside my head. The orchard made an amazing setting and your descriptions kept us right there, smelling apples and good coffee! Great book! Thank you!

  2. I think the book covers are great! Thank you for a great giveaway!

  3. I think the book sounds great and I would love to read it.

  4. I love the book cover. It looks warm and reminds me of the country in apple picking season.

  5. The cover art looks extraordinary! I would like to give thanks for all your really great writings, including Nice to Come Home To. I wish the best in keeping up the good work in the future.