Wednesday, June 8, 2016

The Blacksmith's Wife

The Blacksmith's Wife
Elisabeth Hobbes
Harlequin Historical
$5.20 PB, $4.99 eBook

Joanna has life planned out perfectly... she will marry the dashing young knight, Sir Roger Danby. His skill on horseback.. the talk of Yorkshire! As the mere niece of a merchant blacksmith, she can barely believe her good luck at catching the eye of a nobleman, and such a dashing one! 

Hal (Henry) Danby is the brother of Roger, a blacksmith with a lifelong dream of entering the Smith's Guild. After both Hal and Joanna experience bitter rejection from the Guild and from Roger, and suddenly Joanna's Uncle Simon proposes, no, insists that the two wed. He all but offered membership in the Guild to Hal as a bribe, and threatens Joanna with marriage to a much older man. The two are thrown together... can they make this forced marriage into something wonderful? Can Joanna ever forget her love for Roger? This is a great beach read for the summer!

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