Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Wedding Night with the Earl

Wedding Night with the Earl
Amelia Grey
St Martin's Press
$7.99 eBook/PB

This book is, in a word, scrumptious! Part of the series 'The Heirs Club of Scoundrels' (but perfect as a standalone!) , this enchanting story introduces us to Adam Greyhawke, a carousing, gambling cad and Katherine Wright, a sweet, willful, very wealthy young lady. I beg the forgiveness of you, my readers, but to use a very overused expression, mayhem ensues! 

Adam has lost his wife and child in childbirth, he has an orphan unceremoniously dumped in his lap as his new heir, his two best friends have lovely wives who happen to be increasing, and society dictates, of course, that a single man in possession of any sort of money must be in want of a wife! He visits London to attend to the matter of this scrawny scamp of an heir he suddenly possesses, and in the course of attending a dinner party meets Katherine, the heroine of our story. He pesters her to dance, being enchanted by her words and her face, but is turned down flat. Joke's on him, as she walks away, she reveals the cane she had carefully concealed in the folds of her gown.

This story is both very touching (the orphaned Dixon and the handicapped Katherine provide a 1-2 punch to the gut), sexy (great wordplay between Adam and Katherine), and even has a bit of a Beauty and the Beast thrill to it. Nothing too unexpected occurs, it's simply a delightful love story. 

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