Wednesday, June 8, 2016

The Reluctant Bridegroom

The Reluctant Bridegroom
Shannon Farrington
Love Inspired Historical
$4.79 PB/ $4.99 eBook

Another fine Love Inspired installment set in 1860s America, 'The Reluctant Bridegroom' delves into an unconventional arranged marriage and the upheaval around the assassination of President Lincoln. Rebekah Van der Geld's father, a powerful politician in Maryland, has arranged for a most lucrative match with Henry Nash, councilman and son of another powerful politician. When we say "arranged", it's really almost blackmail, as if Henry wants his career to advance, he must marry Rebekah. Of course, nothing is ever simple... add Henry's two orphaned nieces, John Wilkes Booth, scarlet fever, and Rebekah's overbearing father into the mix, and the tale leaves you wondering if the two can ever truly form a loving marriage. Of course, as it is a Love Inspired book, you know the two will end up happily ever after, but the antics and intrigue swirling around Rebekah and Henry do provide a great quick read, perfect for a rainy day on the couch or a sunny beach adventure. 

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